Saturday, February 6, 2010


Oh my God. Some may remember the fruitcake I made at Christmas. My friend Mindy gave me the recipe, and this is the second year I have made it. It is a beautiful cake, full of rum soaked fruit. After the holidays, about three quarters of it was left (we had a lot of other goodies), so I sliced it into serving sized pieces and stored it in a container in the freezer. The cake slices filled a one gallon plastic box. This afternoon, I was moving some things around in the freezer when I noticed that the container was very light. Imagine my surprise to find it completely empty. Even the wax paper was gone, leaving just an empty box on the bottom shelf of the freezer. My 89 year old, diabetic Mom, has eaten every bite. It must have gone well with the carton of vanilla ice cream that is also mysteriously empty. She doesn't remember eating it of course and if I asked her about it would swear convincingly that she never touched it. In the past she has gone so far as to suggest that some stranger came into the garage and got stuff out of the freezer. I don't think I will even bother to mention it this time. There is really no point. I am just glad she didn't OD!


Filamental said...

Oh Sara, Again I am falling on the floor. Only I could see the humor in this, I suppose. Fruitcake is a great title, too.
Our mom's are great fodder, right?
I am especially thinking of you today. I hope all goes well tomorrow! One more thing, our mom's are very lucky to have us to love them so much.
Love you to pieces!

Filamental said...

OK Sara,
I am so relieved that you are recovering well.
Please, write another story!
You make my day. I check every day. . .