Saturday, June 23, 2012


This is one of the pieces I dyed the other day. It is a piece of an old cotton pillowcase, 15.75 x 59.75. It has a soft fuzzy look about it which I sort of like but then sort of don't. I suppose I should get some nice new white cotton to work on. Something with a high thread count. Anyway, this was fun. First I crunched the piece up in a small container and poured fuchsia dye over it. I also sprinkled on some dry powder. I don't remember what color. After it was processed and dried, I tied up marbles, and/or rocks randomly, a la tie dye. But I always think that is a little boring, so I doubled some of those back on each other, folded, scrunched and tied some more. Then I put it back in the same container and poured Wedgwood blue dye over it. It stayed in the dye for over 24 hours. Can you believe I let it alone that long? At any rate, here it is. It is too much the same value, so I should do something else to it. Maybe stamp it? Hand paint on it? I know I will probably embroider on it! Or maybe I should just cut it into strips and use it in something else. Do another piece on better fabric.
Lisa, if you are listening, what do you think? Anyone else?
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Filamental said...

I hear you. Embroidery would be nice. I knda like the piece. It is always wonderful to recycle fabric.
I keep looking at your embroidery piece on the banner on top. Is this the same piece that I saw a while back? I lost the other photo link when I cleaned the mail program. I think it is. Anyway, I just love what you did with that.
What about appliqueing using a contrasting fabric on the dyed piece? You seem to do a lot of that naturally in you choices, already.Just a thought.
Hope this is the feedback you want. But, what do I know?


MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Sara. I agree with Bobbie. That piece is beautiful and subtle. So many possibilities. Appliqué and stitching, weaving, patchwork. A nice base. I'll be interested in seeing what you decide!
best, nadia