Friday, June 29, 2012


It is really summer in Texas. All work outside is scheduled for early morning or late evening. The only good thing to do outside in the middle of the afternoon is go to the river, jump in and float around until your fingers start to wrinkle.

Yesterday, I stayed inside and made yogurt. I haven't done that since the 70's. I would make it in a glass "sun" tea jar and leave it overnite on top of the hot water heater. I lost the recipe I used and so,  just stopped making it. Recently, I came across that recipe on the internet. Isn't the internet wonderful? The recipe is from the Whole Earth Catalogue, circa 1972 (I think). Maybe you remember, if like me, you are a grandmother.  So I made some yesterday. I didn't have a Sun Tea jar (they all have spouts on them now), but I put it in another glass jar and left it in the hot water heater closet overnite. Voila! Yogurt. If you don't live in the country, you won't realize just why I am so pleased. It is a long way to town for a carton of yogurt. With my own supply, I can make smoothies and frozen yogurt to my hearts content. Or just eat it with a spoon of course.

Here is the link if you would like to make some too!


Lisa Kerpoe said...

Plus, homemade yogurt is so much better than store bought! I cheat and use a yogurt maker.

Peggy said...

I loved reading this, Sara. I've had a yogurt craving lately, too, but my homemade isn't that great. I'll check your recipe out, thanks! x

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