Sunday, April 14, 2013

Oh What a Tangled Web

Dear Friends
OK I am here. Way past time. This last fall (flat on my face on the porch of the yarn shop) really did me in even though, unlike Humpty Dumpty, I didn't break anything. I finally went to the ER on Wednesday for x rays and they said all is well except that I have a "chest wall" injury and that will take time to heal. It is extremely painful. I hate to whine, but I haven't had this much pain since I broke my knee! The pain is finally getting a little better, but I have to watch out for pneumonia now--must take big breaths etc so fluid won't collect in my lungs. That is hard to do as it hurts to breathe. You know what that is like. I have tried to keep myself busy by messing with some new projects and techniques, but all of them have come to naught.
I tried to make a coiled vessel using some two ply string I made from indigo dyed fabric. I worked on that a good while, but I accidentally sewed it to the form (a cone of yarn duh!) and when I finally removed it, it had no shape to speak of--way too floppy. I dumped all that stuff out of the work basket and replaced it with some yarn to knit a scarf I liked that is a Lynn Vogel pattern. I got most of that done, but didn't really like the yarn (my own hand spun) so I frogged that. Meanwhile, I had some short socks I was working on. I had finished the first one and was working on the second one when I realized the first one was too big and clunky looking, so I frogged that finished sock and part of the second one and essentially started over from the toe of each. Meanwhile, I read something about Naalbinding and I decided I would like to learn to do that and so I went looking on the computer for a tutorial. That was yesterday morning. I tried all morning but just couldn't get it figured out. Eventually I tried making yet another vessel in what I think is a Naalbinding stitch--essentially a buttonhole stitch. I worked on that project most of the rest of the day and while we were watching a movie last night and I will probably frog it later on today.
What a massive waste of time! Oh and then there was the interlude where I worked on some Cathedral Window pieces that I think I might like to add to my new embroidery piece. Because I am not getting up from my chair of pain, I ordered some cotton organdy on line to use in the Cathedral Window project. That will be pretty don't you think?


Did I mention that the old sheet I cut up for the Cathedral Window experiment is too dense to sew through without using pliers?

You are laughing I hope!
I have spent a lot of time reading Wolf Hall. I have it on my Kindle Fire (I love that thing). Dangerous though. One click and it's mine............
This morning I walked around and watered the plants we bought a week ago on our anniversary. The day of the fateful fall. Some are already looking a little iffy. Gardening is touch and go here in the dry Hill country of Texas. The new plants look so confident and perky when I put them in the ground or the pots, but a week later, they have lost their spunk and just look tired. I baby them, and so some of them will make it as they are native to this area, but it can be a discouraging project.
I guess that is about it. I wonder what useless project I will try today? Maybe I will get lucky or maybe I should just stick to projects that I am already working on successfully. That would be a plan.....
Love always,


Peggy said...

Oh dear, that's too bad. I'm so sorry. Is that like when your ribs get torn from their lining and it feels like a broken rib but it's not? I hope you were on your way out of the yarn shop with a bag of yarn or books or SOMETHING in hand? To help ease the pain a little, you know.
Wishing you a fast recovery. Love to you.

Bonnie Mcclellan-Broussard said...

Oh, bleah, how aggravating about the projects (does that make it an aggravated chest wall injury?)! I'm sure something will come out just right soon. (Gentle) hugs from Italy!