Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Progress on the Scrim Lace and a Window

Here is the next stage of that Scrim Lace piece I showed you before. I added a piece of plain cotton on which I embroidered some of those circles. They look a little like they are coming unraveled and have a "wrapped" thread in between two circles. I haven't finished the combo of circles on the right. I have done a lot more embroidery on the lace part as well (side benefit of having to sit around with an ice pack on my shoulder!). Lots of French Knots, buttonhole stitch and some thread wrapping. More to go of course.

At the top, there is a little piece of Cathedral Window. Did you ever do any of that? Probably you all are not that crazy. I made a piece a long time ago. It is in a box somewhere. I think it is about 18x20". I quit after that. Mainly I just wanted to see how it worked. That is what I do you know. I want to know how something is done. This time I wanted to see if I remembered how to do it. I think it has possibilities as a decorative strip or something, don't you?
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Bonnie Mcclellan-Broussard said...

Okay, now I see :). I just finished posting a comment on the first post with these pieces wondering how the round embroidered bits would fit with the other. I remember the cathedral window hanging :).

karen said...

this is beautiful....the circular embellishments at the top were a brilliant choice....