Thursday, April 4, 2013

Projects in Handspun Art Yarn

This morning, on my daughter's new blog, she talks about using hand spun Art yarn.
That prompted me to go through my photos and find some of the things I have made with my hand spun "Art" yarn. Here are just a few of them...

Top row--vessel made from hand spun handi wipes and sisal, hat made from spun silk fabric strips, locker hooked bag containing some hand spun, shawls (squiggle shawl in background)
Middle row--vessel made from hand spun tissue paper. free form vessel. cowl, cowl
Bottom row-- locker hooked bag, vessel in spun plastic bags, hat, hat from a hand spun dresser scarf
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Bonnie Mcclellan-Broussard said...

So glad that you gathered them all together in this mosaic picture, it looks great!