Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Beaded Scarf

A silk and wool Nuno felted scarf with square sequins and beading.
Have I lost my mind?
I almost decided to bead around the edges!
Thank goodness I came to my senses.
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Filamental said...

Sara, I just took a big long look at this simply magnificent nuno silk beaded scarf.
This reminds me of your days as a clothing designer or you working with the Dallas Ballet. It is your attention to detail and the exquisite stitching and color sense that you bring to everything you touch that excites me.
You know how much I love beautiful craftmanship; this scarf is such a thing as that.
You should wear it to the opera or ballet or taking your dog for a walk.

Bonnie McClellan said...

So this makes me wonder, did you ever bead the blue one from "to bead or not to bead"?
This looks stunning by the way!

Terrie said...

beautiful scarf. Love the color