Tuesday, December 14, 2010



The large blue piece in this composition is
a reflector
 that fell off my mailbox into the road
 where it was run over a number of times.
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Sara said...

Love this! Great colors and textures!!

Filamental said...

sARAMUZ This is so wonderful.
I am really inspired, now.
I love it how you just take off on stuff like there is no . . .
I have my beading materials sitting on my kitchen table as I write this. I have a piece of silk backed and ready to go. . . I was in the middle of writing you an e-mail 4 hours ago and guess what happened...........

saraz said...

No fear. Just do it. Ha!

Filamental said...

You really are too much! I have just written in permanent ink
Don't Push My Tender Buttons. Twice. On this Silk, no less.
Ok now I am really tired.
So, I guess I will just have to DO IT tomorrow.
Like as in Scarlet, I'll worry about it tomorrow?

Bonnie McClellan said...

I like the netting over the reflector...it reminds me of a mirror fetish cloth. Different type of reflection.