Friday, December 3, 2010

Rinse and Rinse Again

This is the yarn I dip dyed in indigo.
I rinsed and rinsed
I should have rinsed again!
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Filamental said...

uh oh!
That has happened to me, too.
We are so ready to use are cool new stuff, right?
Very pretty though, I love the fiber in the sock.

saraz said...

This is some of the alpaca I bought from the alpaca farm. It feels great but I don't know how it will wear as socks. My hands were absolutely black last night. Fortunately, most of it washed off.

Filamental said...

It is caused by the indigo vat being already oxidized. If the vat is not yellow to green that can happen. I don't think it can be corrected??? Not sure about that, though. You might end up with blue feet, too.