Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Into the Wild Blue

Playing with indigo again.
I was surprised that the dye in my ice bucket "vat" was still good. The yarn was aqua to begin with and I dipped some of it the indigo. I am anxious to roll it into balls but it is not completely dry yet. I also dropped a ball of white pearl cotton into the vat. It is definitely not dry yet.
The fabrics are both cottons.
On the blue and white one, I used a "school" glue resist. The other was folded, dyed, dried, folded and dyed again and then stamped.
 Now what?
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Filamental said...

OK, Now I am inspired! Beautiful. I love the stamping and drawing with glue, what a super good idea.
Did you wash the one with glue yet?
Does it come out?
I want to do indigo, too.
Wish I had a garage or something.
And, about the now what. . .
you will have no problem with that, I am sure.