Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Learning To Spin

It is damp and grey here and I have a bad cough. So I am using this time to learn to spin on my new spinning wheel. I am reminded of learning to bake bread. As a young woman, I was determined to make all the bread for my family. When I brought some to my Mother (the master bread maker)to try, it was a bit heavy and she said, "Never mind. It will make good toast." While reading up on spinning wool, I read that your mistakes can always be used as "Art" yarn. So that is what I feel like I have been doing--making bread for "toast".

I am grateful to my Mother and Father who taught me that all things are possible. They made materials available to me and encouraged me to try things. So, I grew up knowing that I could do anything if I wanted to bad enough. Well I might not be a Master, but I could certainly learn to do it. Practise makes perfect.

So I will keep spinning and learning and having a good time. Maybe eventually, I will make bread that doesn't have to be toasted!
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Filamental said...

What a super great start. hehe.
Really, I am impressed. I wish I could do that, but, I will just watch you do it.
How fun. Have you read about Plucky Fluff. I have her book, she really goes crazy for it.
My problem is I love love love yarn. I love to look at it and to be around it. But, except for spinning a little sock yarn on a hand held, for me, forget it.

I am jealous, though. Even though you sound so bad with your cough I do know that you are having fun. That makes me happy.