Friday, June 10, 2011

In The Country

I finally found a person to help me with my Mom.
She comes four days a week and keeps my Mom company!
What a relief.
Now I can work at my new studio in the country.
I am just getting used to it and carry some things back and forth
 (what if I want to work on this here at the house? What if I need this out at the studio?).
 Eventually, I will probably wind up with two of everything,
but then that is something I do anyway.
I am a Gemini!
 I have a computer at the studio, but it is not on the Internet as yet.
 I will just have to learn to write and read blogs in the evening or on the weekend.
 I will figure it all out eventually.
 Right now I am just so happy to have the time to work and not worry about my Mom.
I did a lot this week and I am looking forward to sharing!
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Filamental said...

Such super good news. I know how you need this Sara! Blessings on you and your new studio.