Wednesday, June 1, 2011

One of Life's Big Mysteries

You will have to picture this without a photo. I have no idea how I would illustrate this. If something occurs to me, I will add a photo later. This may be the only time I have posted something without a photograph.

Today, I was making a large batch of Granola, eight cups of oatmeal. I also mixed in nuts and coconut as usual. When I got into the canister where we keep the dried fruit, I found something strange nestled among the packages of raisins and cranberries. It was orange and slimy. It was a

 Buffalo Chicken Wing

The kind of chicken wing that comes pre-seasoned and frozen. Only this one was not frozen of course and who knows how long it has been hanging out with the raisins! It didn't smell bad, but it had slimmed all the packages. I picked it up carefully and threw it away before I thought to take a picture. Probably a good thing! The only person that could have done this of course, is my Mom. She  expressed astonishment and wonder at how that could have happened. The mythical home invaders were referred to. What possessed her to put a frozen chicken wing in the canister?

One of Life's big mysteries. 

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