Thursday, June 30, 2011

More Small Weaving

Here is another small weaving and yes, I do get obsessed with things. I hardly ever make just ONE!
Don't you like my loom?

Believe it or not, I used to have a beautiful floor loom with four harnesses and six pedals. I gave it to the Hospice store last year, along with a commercial sewing machine and two knitting machines. Sigh. But that part of my life is behind me and although it was tempting to keep the stuff, it was mostly getting in my way. I still like to weave but I totally dislike warping the loom. It seems like it would take all day to thread it up and then only a couple of hours to weave it off. Something was wrong with that picture--for me at least. I want to spend the majority of my time, doing something I enjoy.

So, now when I want to weave something, I just make a loom (or use my Inkle). This one is made out of a left over piece of presentation board about 5x7. I had map pins spaced along the top to hold the warp, but that didn't work all that well (works fine on a really small piece), so I cut slits with an exacto knife every quarter of an inch. After I warped it (maybe it took five minutes!) I remembered something about putting in some sticks, I hunted down a dowel that had broken in two on the trip from my house to the studio (can you believe I almost threw it away?) and it was just the right size. My other important tools, include a comb and a yarn needle.  

And so here is another weaving. It shows off the handspun yarn nicely and it takes only a small amount. I finished it last night. Will I do another today? 

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Filamental said...

I am so glad you did this post. It is wonderful to hear your thought process. I am glad that I can stop thinking about what to do with one ounce of yarn. I thought about it all day yesterday while I was driving and it was driving me crazy. Just kidding.
Very nice!