Thursday, November 3, 2011

For A Few Dollars More

I was feeling a little down this morning after a meeting with my Mom's doctor, so I decided to treat myself to a trip to the thrift store. In the "sewing" bin, I found a plastic bag of fun stuff, but what interested me most were the curtain rings. I have been looking for more of these to make Dorset buttons. Another fun thing in that bag is a little dispenser type box of gold thumb tacks. Lots of fun things here for about $2.

 I also found these pieces of embroidered linen. There was a lot of this type of thing, but I am already overstocked! I especially liked the baby sized pillow case with the embroidered dogs. One of them looks a little like Tessie!

And then, for a few dollars more, I found five bags of wool roving. A major find at 50 cents a piece. I am so excited. Lots more wool to card and spin.

Grand total spent--$12 and change. I am cheered up!

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deanna7trees said...

great finds. much better than therapy.