Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Black and White Challenge

Here are the Black and White "yarns" I spun today for the challenge with the Fiber Artists and Spinners on Facebook. Really, they are black and white. The photo turned out blue and so I changed it to black and white in Picassa only I forgot to save it, so here it is in BLUE!

The piece on the left is black and white tissue paper, spun, and then core spun with a commercial black single. I haven't measured the yardage yet.

In the middle, I have 15 yards of recycled silk fabric, spun, and then plied with the same paper yarn.

And finally, on the right is six yards of the paper yarn spun with some black and white silky thread, hand knotted and then waxed.

A whole package of tissue paper will make a lot of paper yarn. I filled one bobbin and still have some strips left over.

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Filamental said...

Sara, This is just wonderful. You know how I love your new yarns, etc.
How exciting. The thing that is funny is that I was wondering why you were not spinning. ha.