Thursday, September 29, 2011


I woke up this morning wanting to do some printing, specifically, monoprinting. I had some sad news this morning, I have to go to a care meeting about my Mom this afternoon and my dog Tessie had a brief seizure early this morning. Two stressful things before I had my first cup of coffee and another to come this afternoon. I think I just wanted to do something that would take my total concentration. So I made a big mess (you should see my hands!) and printed on the back of pieces of old sheet (I like the grid effect don't you?)as well as on some paper. Some of the prints are worthless of course, but there are enough that look like they might have possibilities.

Last night, I finally finished my knitted Market Bag. I just had the strap to do, so I should have been finished a week or so ago. But, it is finished now and I can make another as I bought more of that Linen and Jeans yarn last time I went to the yarn shop.


Filamental said...

Yesterday you made me cry. Your dog is the sweetest thing ever. I want one exactly like yours. Good luck on that one? Hard to find around here.
I like it a lot that you channel energy into your work. You know that saying that art saves lives, well, it certainly does. I hope all is well with you. Jilly, my dog had seizures all the time, too. My mom is sliding down hill more every day. I know how you are feeling, I think?
hugs to you on this day! b

Bonnie McClellan-Broussard said...

The bag and looks great and the monoprints seem full of possibilities. I keep meaning to make one after you sent me the link but I have to stick with my resolution to finish two of the four projects I have going before I buy more yarn! Sorry to hear about the Tessie, I hope that she's feeling better by now and that the meeting went okay.