Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tiny Stitches

I have been trying to finish up some work. Most of it involves millions of tiny stitches.
I stuck my fingers so many times with the needle yesterday that I had to
and apply three bandages.
I decided to knit for a while on my Market Basket.
A little easier on the hands.
This morning, I drove over to Comfort to the good yarn store, The Tinsmith's Wife,
just to get a pair of 10.5, 24 inch needles. Good ones you know. Not just ordinary ones. Ha
I tried not to buy any yarn. Really I did, but I do want to make another of these
Market Baskets
(pattern on Ravelry)
in another color of this linen and rayon. So I bought some more. Of course we won't mention the new book I bought which happens to be about socks, so now I am all jazzed up about making more
I also won't talk about how much I missed shopping at the yarn store with my daughter Bonnie. When she is visiting, we always have a great time there and Robin K. plays with the cats. So if you don't mind, I won't mention it because it makes me sad!

Meanwhile, I hardly have time to make anything because I am busy pinning projects up on the new design wall. I would send a picture of that, but I am at home this afternoon instead of at the studio. Maybe tomorrow.

1 comment:

Filamental said...

Sara, I have a question. . .Is this photo of different pieces or did you combine them into one large piece?
Regardless, gorgeous. I love the hand stitching combination with the machine stitches.
Very active surfaces and interesting to look at. I clicked to see the largest view. Nice work.
The knitting is wonderful.
I am into socks, again, too.
Did you see the latest Vogue Knitting? I am thinking of the braided cowl by Zukaite but using the silk and wool yarn I bought from Camilla. I think I might do it just to see what happens.
Hope your mom is doing well.