Saturday, September 24, 2011

On The Table

These projects are on my table this weekend.

The on-going knitted collage,
(who knows what this will be)
Things I bought at the thrift store to spin,
(Thanks for the idea Bonnie, but the Easter grass doesn't want to spin)
A hand stitched piece that needs pliers to pull the needle through the fabric,
(remind me never, ever to dye fabric that I can't stitch through with a needle and thread)
A piece ready for hand stitching, but I think I need to machine embroider it instead
and, finally
The Sketch Book Project pages with "under-painting".

I was moving right along on the Sketch Book pages, but then I went to the care facility to see Mom and she and her roommate cornered me in front of the closet and bombarded me with questions that made no sense. And Mom wanted me to take her home because she was done visiting with Patty and she couldn't just stay there in Patty's room. Well, it is Mom's room too but apparently neither one of them remembers that! Patty didn't want me to put Mom's clean clothes in the closet because I needed to take them home when I took Mom. Mom thought she had just returned from Church and Patty thought she was going to the ranch. Mom wanted to know where I had parked her car. Yesterday, Mom told me she had been to Dallas for a visit. It was a "mad" scene reminding me of the Abbot and Costello kit "Who's on first". I felt like I was being attacked by a pair of Blue Jays. Steve and I finally escaped but when I got home, I had to unplug the phones. 12 calls and 12 messages to come and pick her up as she couldn't find her car and she needed to get home.

I will have to chill out for a bit with a large bowl of ice cream before I get back to the pages.....

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Filamental said...

So sorry Sara,
I know how hard this is for you!
Your work is going like gangbusters though. It is wonderful that you have the freedom to work, now.
P.S. I love the knitted piece