Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Well, you could say that. Getting close anyway.
I bought this pearl cotton at the thrift store.
It was all wadded up in a zip-lock bag. It was a nice antique tan color.
Yesterday, I found I needed some lavender thread for an on going project.
I didn't want to go out to the store, so I pulled out this thread,
dyed it with purple Kool-Aid (yes, I used grape but got rose) and then I had to unravel it.
Of course I didn't have to (I heard you) but there is something about
a mass of threads that just begs me to do something about it.
It reminds me of my story about my Dad which is posted on this blog somewhere--the story about how he pulled the wad of threads out of his pocket and said,
"These would be good for fishing."
you probably remember me writing about that.
 But I am getting distracted.
Literally and figuratively.
 I need to get back to winding up these balls of thread.
I am thinking that the part of my brain that wants me to untangle these threads,
is the same part that wants me to tear everything up and put it back together
 before I am happy with it.
 I heard you have to be neurotic to be an artist.
I never believed that but maybe it is true?
 I want to unravel the sweater and put it back together in a different way,
or cut up the embroidery and rearrange it.
But I am too impatient to figure out why I want to do this.
It will come to me one day or it won't.
It doesn't really make any difference.
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Filamental said...

Totally! N word, I mean. I spent all morning trying to untangle the yarn I am working with, right now. If it were not so expensive I might have chucked it.
Now I am ready to begin. Have you ever untangled delicate gold chain?
Now that is a tough job.
Zen tangle?