Wednesday, September 21, 2011


It turns out that I like challenges. Recently I did a spinning challenge using black and white. Perhaps you remember that post. I spun some tissue paper and some recycled silk. The invitation to another spinning challenge came yesterday, and is to spin something other then fiber--Anti-yarn. Goody. What to do. I remembered I had bought at the thrift store, a couple of packages of this sisal type stuff thinking I  could mix it with something else and spin it. But it was a very unpleasant material, stiff and prickly, so I put it away and forgot about it. Now however, I should try it. What a mess. I would pick up small handfuls of it and "draft" it. Occasionally, I just had to cut into it to allow it to pull out. Every inch, the strands would lock onto the hooks and I would have to release it, but eventually I spun it all, both packages. I would like to say that I remained calm through the process, but that is not true. I few unpleasant words were spoken. I admit it. So then I had a ball of this stuff that just looked like hairy rope. Not too interesting really. I started looking around for something to ply with it--something that was not already fiber. I finally settled on a couple of Handi-Wipes, torn into strips. Here is the result:  

 Of course when plying it I had to essentially spin it again
and so it caught on the hooks every inch or so
more unpleasant words fell from my lips
and so forth.
 But, it is sort of interesting.
I decided to make a basket.
 And here it is!
 The bottom of it fits in the palm of my open hand
Too much fun.

What Next?

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Filamental said...

You are so right. This is is is so cool. The color is divine.
You and I have parted ways, I am afraid. There goes that spinning lady. . .but, I will be your number one fan.