Thursday, October 27, 2011

More Toggles

These toggles are addictive as are all the buttons really. I dreamed about them last night and one of the things in the dream was a ball button made out of pieces of left over thread. I had to make that one right away this morning. It needs a little work, but I think it has some possibilties. What do you think? You are probably just tired of buttons. I am working on other things, honestly, and I will show some of them soon, It is just that I have never taken an online class before and it has been so much fun. I am sorry that it ends this week. I will miss everyone!


Filamental said...

It is wonderful that you have found this group. Lovely toggles.

Carrie said...

They're lovely toggles. Are you going to use them on anything?

deanna7trees said...

yes. the end of a class is always sad, but we can still keep up with each other on our blogs and on flickr as well.