Saturday, October 1, 2011

Some New Work

Here are a couple of pieces I have been working on. I tried some things that I haven't done before and I am not sure what I think. This time next week, I will probably be cutting them up! But they are moving in a direction I want to go. The untitled piece on the left is machine embroidery on pieced, painted and collaged canvas. The pink and black piece, Terra Incognita, is quilted and embroidered monoprints, arranged in overlapping panels. Both are attached to stretched canvases.


Filamental said...

Oh Wow, these are fantastic. The machine embroidery brings to mind the large collage of the godess I have that you did. I really like the painterly look of both pieces.
It is a huge difference being able to click these to see how they really look.

Olga said...

I really like the contrasts between the embroidered area and the left and bottom elements in your untitled piece. In the Terra Incognita piece I very much like the drama of the top two areas. The bottom area is the least strong for me.
Thank you for attracting me to your blog.