Thursday, October 13, 2011


And now for something completely different.
I wanted to do something different. I am a bit tired of sewing little running stitches by hand or machine, at least for the moment. I have been following Karen Ruane for some time and I really wanted to take her online class on making buttons and puffs. You can see all this here. However, I didn't sign up and time has marched on etc. The puffs look like they are made from Yo-Yo's. I have known how to make Yo-Yo's for years (haven't we all!) and I recently bought a cute little gadget for making them (I have no idea why!). All this is to say that I decided to make some "puffs" on my own, try out the new Yo-Yo maker while referring to Karen's photos for help. Big mistake. Let me say right here that I should have taken the class! It took me all day to make the ones you see in the photo plus a couple of others that are not pictured. I tried a new method on each one. I stuck myself every time I picked up the needle. My remarks all day consisted of "ouch", #@%*&&" and the like. I think I did everything wrong. One "Puff" is so tiny I could barely hold it. One is too big. None of them are "just right". I don't know how Karen does that wonderful embroidery on hers. I tried doing it before I gathered them and after. I stuffed them too much or too little. What a day. On the plus side, I did learn a lot. One of the things I learned is how much easier it would have been to


Carrie said...

They don't look bad at all to me, especially the blue and white one, which looks really neat.

deanna7trees said...

you can still sign up for the class. we work at our own pace and all the info will be online until Dec. 24th. we're just one week into the class. I'm loving the class and learning some new techniques.

Filamental said...

Very pretty. I wonder where these are going?