Saturday, October 29, 2011

Some of these things are not like the others..

Dorset Buttons
on a printed and stitched piece
used as a temporary background.

Here are several Dorcet buttons. I see a couple of them ended upside down! Oh well. They are all pretty obvious. The multicolored ones are made with hand dyed commercial thread. The pastel pink one and the blue one are made with Pearl cotton that I dyed myself--the pink is with a plant dye of some kind and the blue with indigo. The blue one has a double ruffle of buttonhole stitch. The second row is worked with two stitches in each space. The pink one has a "filler of rayon thread. The plain beige one (oh darn it is upside down also!) is done with this really old Pearl cotton from England that I found in the thrift store. It took me half a day to unravel it and then I got it off center! The thread was so fine it was like doing it in sewing thread. I don't know if I will try that one again!.

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